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The wedding of a daughter or son is, of course, one of most important days in a mothers life, and you will, naturally, want to look your very best!


Choosing  the right outfit is such a big decision to make, that it can sometimes feel a little bit daunting.


At  Gladrags, we are here to take the pressure off you. We’ll advise and recommended and do all we can to help find an outfit you are truly happy with.


We carry a large selection of beautiful outfits, from labels such as;


  • Libra
  • Veromia
  • Izabella
  • Zeila
  • Cabotine
  • Michaela Louisa

As well as hats, fascinators, jewellery, shoes and bags all chosen to co-ordinate, to help you have an enjoyable, stress free shopping experience.





Gladrags Weddings (Only currently available in our St. Albans shop.)

The staff at Gladrags have many years experience in dressing Mothers of the Bride and Groom, and are extremely proud that so many new customer visit us purely on recommendation from others.


Here are some answers to most commonly asked questions and advice to help you prepare for your first outing:


  • Allow yourself plenty of time. Have a coffee and a chat with us before you start trying.
  • Wear comfortable, well fitting underwear. Smooth neutral colours are best, and natural tights (not pop socks!)
  • Try not to bring too many people with you initially. Too many opinions can be confusing and overwhelming.
  • Check colour details such as bridesmaids, flowers and other mums.
  • Be open-minded. This is a different type of dressing, try on lots things you wouldn’t normally. People are often pleasantly surprised by something that didn’t appeal on the hanger.
  • Don’t rush or feel pressurised into making a decision. You will know when the outfit is ‘the one’! (and often it can be the first one you try).
  • Start looking early! For Spring/Summer weddings, collections start arriving in January and for in July/August for winter weddings.
  • Even if you are planning to lose weight, start looking early for maximum choice.
  • If you don’t find anything on your first visit, don’t panic! We will keep in contact with you as when new deliveries arrive!


Most of all look forward to having a fun shopping experience with us!

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